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Hermeneutics and Culture Studies
Name Year Awarded Ph.D.Dissertation and Supervisor
The Contribution of Hans-Georg Gadamer to the Ethics of Psychoanalytic Understanding
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi , Prof. A. Govrin
(zamir) Raz Shiri 2020
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
Achimeir Ofir 2020
Passion & Formation: A Developmental Model in the Philosophy of Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak Kook – psychoanalytic, Kabbalistic and Philosophical Perspectives
Supervisor: Prof. A. Govrin , Prof. D. Schwartz
Ariel-Galor Noga 2020
The Jewish-Arab Therapeutic Dyad: Differing Socio-Political Influences on Psychotherapy from the Perpective of Jewish Therapists who Treat Arab Clients In Israel
Supervisor: Prof. A. Govrin , Prof.
Assayag Efrat 2022
The Cultural Representation of the relationship between Internal Memory AND EXTERNAL DIGITAL MEMORY
Supervisor: Prof. L. Razinsky
Asulin-Simhon Zehorit 2020
Between the individual and the public: Translation as trajectory of subjectivity in psychoanalytic therapy
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
Bar-Gil Oshri *
Google’s self Self-perception at the age of information
Supervisor: dr.
Bashir Yasir 2021
perception of parental authority in arab society in israel
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi
Ben Ami Tzipi 2021
Freud: The Concept of Pathology in the Age of Enlightment
Supervisor: Prof. A. Morris Reich , Prof. H. Shoham , Prof. M. Zuckermann
Blonder Varda 2022
The Dramatic Foundations of Psychoanalysis; The Role of the Directing Metaphor in the Understanding of Therapeutic Processes
Supervisor: Prof. A. Govrin
Blum Dov 2020
The Play Paradigm Theoretical Concepts Of Power, Identity And Liberty In The Therapeutic Playing Field
Supervisor: Prof. L. Razinsky , Prof. M. Zuckermann
Caspi Tair 2017
How do Metaphors Works? Psychoanalysis as Test Case
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi , Prof. D. Lamberg
Drori Yifat 2022
Feminine Characteristics of Israel 20th Century's Love Poems Written by Women: Lea Goldberg as a Case Study
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi , Prof. R. Stryjer , Prof. D. Gurevitch
Dudai Orit 2017
Primitive Mental States and the Cinema: Psychoanalytic Concept Examined Through the Cinematic Language
Supervisor: dr. , dr. L. Razinsky
Einat-Liber Daphna 2020
The clinic in the digital age Reconsideration of aspects of psychoanalytic treatment settings in a technological era
Supervisor: Prof. A. Govrin , Prof. A. Sagi
Engelman Avivi Iris 2020
The Borderline Disorder - Psychoanalytical, literary and Philosophical Aspects
Supervisor: Prof. R. Miron
Erlichman Yael 2020
Life Must be Based on a Different Foundation" The Religious-Existential Approach of Pinchas Sadeh
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi
Fayad-Mahamead Ahmad 2022
Diglossia and its effect on the Cognitive Performance of Arabic speaking school children
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi , Prof.
Feuerstein Nili 2019
Establishing a Place in the World: The Role of the "Therapeutic" GroupSpace in the Process of Forming a Dialog Self
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi
Fisher Grafy Hannah 2020
Latency Age: Moral Aspects of the Social Rejection Phenomenon
Supervisor: Prof. A. Govrin
Frank Gabriel 2018
Dialogue as Ontological Principle in Rights' Discours: A Critical Analysis of Music Therapy with Hospitialized Children
Supervisor: dr. Y. Yadgar , dr. A. Gilboa
Gal Gets Poriya 2019
Confessing Toward Self Cohesion? Sin, Guilt and Conversion From Saint Augustin to Derrida
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
Goldberg Oded 2018
The Discourse on Guilt feelings in Psychoanalytic Theory and CapitalisCulture
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi , Prof. M. Zuckermann
Gordon Irena 2020
Goya and Benjamin - Allegory at the Heart of Modernity
Supervisor: dr. , dr. A. Sagi
Granot Lior 2018
How does Bibliotherapg cure? Healing Qualities of different Literary - therapeutic Practices in Bibliotherapeatic Treatment - Psgchoanalytical- Litera ry Study.
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
Groudsky Katerina 2020
Israel's Modern Discourse in the Russian Language: Double Standards and Intolerance in Israeli News Websites in the Russian Language
Supervisor: Prof. R. Lapidus , Prof.
Hadani Nave Tom 2022
Where Do the Languages of Literature and Psychoanalysis Meet? On the Use of Literary Works in Psychoanalytic Language In the Works of Lacan, Kohut and Odgen
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
Hagai Irit 2019
Towars a renewed understanding of the Autistic child's World - Who is the Child in the Room?
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
Harel Ester 2017
Is Lacan's Subject Heidegger's Dasein?
Supervisor: Prof. , Prof. A. Sagi
Harpaz Uori 2021
The Poetic as the Possibility of Processing Trauma: An Examination of Freudian Repetition Compulsion through the Texts of Marguerite Duras
Supervisor: Prof. L. Razinsky
Hausen Ran 2017
The Therapy of Metapsychology: The Psychophysic Question and the Question of Unconscious in the Shadow of Ordinary-Language Philosophy.
Supervisor: Prof. A. Govrin , Prof. A. Sagi
Horwitz Mira 2022
Empathy - from Consciousness to Being: A Phenomenological Investigation of Empathy in Psychoanalysis
Supervisor: Prof. R. Miron
Inbar-Weiss Nurit 2022
"that the pain not be wasted": Combining Personal and Theoretical Perspectives in Illness Writing
Supervisor: Prof. L. Razinsky
Israeli Sarit 2017
Appearance and Performance: The Staging and Display of Personality in Brozino's Art of Portraiture
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi , Prof.
Izhar Ariel 2021
Life and Death in the Discourse on Sexuality- the "Primal Scene" as Model for Sex-Gender Constitution in Psychoanalysis and Literature: the Male Sexuality as Case Study
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi , Prof. D. Lamberg
Jaeger Ran 2019
A Road Building Bard of Israeli-Jewish Culture
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi
Jelin Ziva 2017
Performimr Biography a Critical Practice in Comtemporary Israeli Art
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi , Prof. D. Levi-Eisenberg
Kahana Ofer 2019
"Design and Action". Analyzing Graphic Design Education Discourse from the Political Theory of Hannah Arendt
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi
Kaplan Zarchi Ruth 2022
The Language of Anorexia - Semiotic, symbolic and metaphoric features in the language of anorectics
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
Kaufman Zohar 2021
Virtue Ethics in Psychoanalysis
Supervisor: Prof. L. Razinsky
Keinan Alice Maya 2022
The Psychoanalytic Subject In-between Subjectivity and Intersubjectivity The Contribution of Hegel, Buber and Wittgenstien to Psychoanalysis
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
Kichli Borochovsky Tamar 2020
Unconscious Family Patterns: Aspects in Family Therapy, Psychoanalytic, Literary, and Bibliotherapy
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
klein basmat 2022
The Embodied House: An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Domestic Experiences in Psychoanalysis and Architecture
Supervisor: Prof. L. Razinsky
Kogan Claudia 2021
On Human Solidarity A Philosophical and Psychoanalytic Search for The Understanding of the Human Capacity to Act for The Sake of Others
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi
Liviatan Gili 2022
Jocasta's Reparation: The Feminine Element and the Call for Peace in Cultural Products A Critical Study of Psychoanalytic Thought on War and Its Restraint
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi , Prof. A. Govrin
Lustig Inbal 2019
The Constitution of the Modern Self in the Face of Existential Angst
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi
Miller Wasserman Dafna 2020
Literature as "Antibody" - The Contribution of the Subversive Dimension in Literary Texts to Bibliotherapy Practice
Supervisor: Prof. A. Govrin , Prof. A. Sagi
Morduch-Simonsohn Noa 2021
Patterns and Repetition in the Late Twentieth Century: Between Art and Craft
Supervisor: dr. R. Milano , dr. D. Yinon
Morgenstern Ayelet 2021
The Desire to be Thin: On the Asketic Element in the Society of Consumption
Supervisor: Prof. H. Shoham , Prof. D. Yinon
Nir Erez 2022
A study in Imagination and the image
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi
Noiberg Anat 2020
The ethical considerations and emotional attitudes of military commanders in a democratic state such as Israel, when making decisions regarding human life
Supervisor: Prof. A. Govrin , Prof. A. Kasher
Oppenheimer Yudith 2018
Zion Square: Hermeneutic Study of Public Space
Supervisor: Prof. M. Klein
Oren Aviel 2022
A Matter of Time An Interpretation of Wilfred Bion’s Work through the Philosophy of Henri Bergson
Supervisor: Prof. A. Govrin
Patinkin-Bachar Shira 2021
The influence of technology on the perception of closeness and distance in the therapeutic dialogue
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi , Prof. A. Govrin
Peri Herzovich Yael *
Psychoanalysis and CBT: From Rivalry to Hospitality, Dialectics and Dialogue in Psychotherapy Integration
Supervisor: Prof. A. Govrin
Pessach-Ramati Danna 2022
Death consciousness and the other: Loss as a case study
Supervisor: Prof. A. Govrin
Pines Kahani Noemi 2020
:French Psychoanalysis Between 1960-1985 Psychoanalytic Concepts and Philosophical Discourse
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
Pinkas-Samet Shinar 2018
Somatic aspects of transference dynamics in the psychoanalytic treatment
Supervisor: Prof. D. Schwartz , Prof. D. Lamberg
Prop Dana 2022
Folded vessels and pains - A psychoanalytic literary study of the processes of projection and internalization within the family
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
Rashelbach Hovav 2019
Style- Hermeneutical and Critical Aspects Concerning Gadmer's Philosophy
Supervisor: Prof. R. Miron
Recanati Bat Sheva *
Unequel in Death – The Magnified and the Marginalized The Hierarchy of Bereavement in Israel and its Influence on the experience of loss and the process of mourning
Supervisor: Prof. A. Govrin
Reisinger Ilan 2019
The Graphic Image: Between Mental Vision and Visual Symbol Psychoanalytic and Linguistic Perspectives on Graphic Design
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
Rozovsky-Teubal Miri 2020
The Space of Fiction: The Writing Process in a Discussion of Literary Philosophical and Psychoanalytic Aspects
Supervisor: Prof. K. Tamar , Prof. L. Razinsky
Rubin Orly 2018
A Glimmer of Understanding" - Couple's Relationship - As an "encounterof traditions":TheContribution of Gadmer's Hermeneutics to Couple Therapy
Supervisor: Prof. A. Govrin , Prof. A. Sagi
Saadon Asaf *
The Conflict of Political Correctness: A global practice converted into local cultural capital
Supervisor: Prof. H. Shoham
Sasson Roi 2019
Longing for the Idea of Immortality in Analytical Psychology from a Phenomenological Perspective
Supervisor: Prof. K. Tamar , Prof. A. Sagi
Schorr-Levi Ophira 2022
Separation and Separateness A Psychoanalytic – Literary – Linguistic Study
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
Segal Orin 2018
Self Dissolution Following Physical injuries and Chronic Illness- Psychological and Philosophical Aspects
Supervisor: Prof. D. Schwartz , Prof. D. Lamberg
Segal Gilead Noam 2019
Community Models and Social Positions in Installation Art
Supervisor: Prof. R. Gidron
Sella Tali *
"Look into the Depths within Yourself and Find the Outside World" A Dialogue between Rudolf Steiner’s Thinking and Psychoanalysis
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
Shako Etti-Veil 2020
Is Radical Transformation of The Self Possible? An Inquiry Following Badiou's Philosophy
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi , Prof. D. Yinon
Shemuelli Maya 2020
Discourse Concerning the Return to Zion in Biblical Literature: A Comparative Study of Ruth, Psalms 126, the Second Isaiah and Ezra–Nehemiah
Supervisor: Prof. E. Greenstein
Sherayber-Hollender Michal 2021
The Resonance Between Past and Present in the Psychic Life Hermeneutic Dialogue Between Hans Loewald's Psychoanalytic Thinking and Martin Buber's Philosophical Vision
Supervisor: Prof. R. Miron
Shoshani Orly 2022
The Poetics as a Bridge Between Man and the World: The Ethical Aspect of the Poetic Gesture And What the Psychoanalyst Can Learn from the Artist
Supervisor: Prof. A. Sagi
Skliar Angela 2020
Social and Cultural Identity of Second Generation Immigrants from the FSU
Supervisor: Prof. S. Lissitsa , Prof. R. Lapidus
Soffer-Dudek Nir 2018
The End of Reasons A philosophical Reading of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
Somekh Hanna 2021
Silence- Philosophical, PSYCHOANALYTICAL and Literary Perspectives
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg
Stavissky Yuliya 2020
The Case of the 1.5 Generation of Adolescents who Immigrated with their Parents to Israel - the Situation after 25 Years
Supervisor: dr. R. Shachar
Strasburg Sharon 2022
"Someone to Play With" Symbolization Processes: Psychoanalytic, Literary and Linguistic Aspects In Light of David Grossman's Work
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg , dr. D. Schwartz
Uzan Assaf 2022
Being Present From Afar on The Way to being Human: Examining Compassion in a Cruel Existential Sphere A Philosophical Study of Hanoch Levin’s Works
Supervisor: Prof. L. Razinsky
Weinstein Ada Michal 2017
Spontaneity, Communication and Meaning in Psychoanalytic Treatment and Biblical Stories
Supervisor: dr. D. Lamberg , dr. H. Mack
Zupnik Mona 2021
Presence and Absence, Concealment and Disclosure as Existential-Ontological Phenomena :in Children's Games A Philosophical and Psychoanalytic Perspective
Supervisor: Prof. A. Govrin , Prof. A. Sagi

* Certificate not yet received
last update: 29/11/2022