Bar-Ilan offers a variety of courses taught in English each semester that reflects a typical freshman course load that would be found in American schools. Students enroll in a range of two- and three-credit, secular academic courses each semester (for a minimum of ten credits). Students who so desire, and whose Hebrew proficiency is acceptable, are encouraged to avail themselves of most of the over 3,000 courses offered in Hebrew in the University at large (with the exception of Law School courses). These classes begin in the fall and run for the whole academic year. One Semester students may not register for these classes. Registration for regular University courses requires approval of the Dean of Students and the chair of the relevant department. In addition, some courses completed by students participating in Israel Experience may count toward their degree requirements at Bar-Ilan, should they decide to remain at the University.

Credit and Grading System
Transfer of Credit
The overwhelming majority of colleges and universities in the United States and Canada recognize Bar-Ilan University's courses. In most cases, students have been able to get credit for their studies. However, every college and university has its own policy regarding international study and the University cannot guarantee that a particular institution will grant credit for specific courses taken at Bar-Ilan. Students are urged to contact the school they intend to enroll in after their studies at Bar-Ilan to determine that school’s policy on study abroad and the transfer of credits.

The Bar-Ilan Credit System
All Israel Experience Program classes are offered on a semester basis.
Bar-Ilan credits are expressed in terms of "annual class hours." The number of "annual hours" awarded for a particular course is normally equal to the number of hours per week devoted to that course during a full year of study (i.e., each "annual hour" is equivalent to 2 credits as usually defined by the U.S. universities working on a semester system). This does not apply to laboratory, seminar, or recitation hours or for certain science courses for which a special credit hour value has been determined.

Course Description
Advanced Composition
Calculus 1&2
From Antisemitism to Holocaust
Fundamentals of Management
Fundamentals of Marketing
Hebrew Language
Introduction to Ancient Philosophy: Greek conceptions of Love, Friendship, Virtue and War
Introduction to Biology
Introduction to Psychology
Israel Foreign policy and the Influence of Global Media - Semester 1
Israel Foreign policy: Historical Perspectives - the Arab-Israeli Wars - Semester 2
Jewish Identity, Leadership and Leaders Throughout the Ages
Jews, Judaism, Israel and the Modern World
The World view of the Sages
Topics in Contemporary Halachic Issues
Trends and Ideologies in Ortodox Judaism of the 19th & 20th Centuries

תוכנית חד-שנתית
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