Students on Israel Experience Program spend their mornings learning Judaic studies in the Machon (men) or Midrasha (women).

Machon Gavoha L'Torah (Institute of Higher Torah Studies for Men, Kollel)
The Machon was founded in order to enable young men to maintain their Torah studies while continuing their academic pursuits, and to develop a cadre of university graduates who will also be Torah scholars. Over four hundred post-Hesder Israelis are enrolled in this program, and the Israel Experience program student will be encouraged to integrate with Israelis whenever possible. The Machon is a full yeshiva environment, meeting Sunday afternoons, Monday through Thursday mornings, and two evenings a week.

Students in the Machon may choose from two tracks: an emphasis on Talmudic skills or Jewish philosophy. Both options provide students with the chance to learn in a yeshiva framework, promote the development of Torah values, strengthen students’ commitment to Israel and deepen their proficiency in Hebrew.

Midrasha L'Banot Program
The Midrasha was established in order to provide observant young women who have a rich background in Jewish studies with the opportunity to delve more deeply into areas such as Bible, oral law and Jewish philosophy. Over seven hundred young Israeli women are currently pursuing advanced religious studies in this program. Israel Experience program students spend approximately 18 hours per week immersed in these subjects.

Students at the Midrasha and Kollel will receive University credit for their studies. Each semester, a student will enroll in 18 hours per week. Examinations are given in each of the above subjects. Credits and grades are based on class participation and the results of exams.

תוכנית חד-שנתית
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