5 megillot
Advanced Composition
Contemporary Halachic Issues I and II
English Composition I
Hebrew Language
How to Be Jewish - Men
How to Be Jewish - Women
Interpersonal Laws and Obligations
Introduction to Biology 1-2
Introduction to Biology 1-2 - Lab
Introduction to Hasidic Thought
Jewish Thought
Principles of Economics I
Principles of Economics II

Foundations of Jewish Philosophy
Introduction to Biology
Literary Approach to the Bible
Scientific Theory for non-science majors
Survey of Biblical Literature
The Arab-Israeli Conflict
The books of the Bible
The Philosophy of the prayer book - Fall
The Philosophy of the prayer book - Spring
The World view of the Sages
Topics in Contemporary Halachic Issues
Topics in Jewish Philosophy
Topics in Talmud - Fall
Topics in Talmud - Spring
Topics in the Bible

תוכנית חד-שנתית
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