Parashat Bereshit

The Divine Particle and Maimonides’ First Three Principles of Faith Moshe Kaveh 2015 596.4
In Praise of Tohu va-Vohu By Miriam Faust 2014 592.3
Rain from Heaven By Aryeh Arazi 2013 35.3
"The sons of G-d… the daughters of men"? Schubert Spero 2012 41.4
Shabbat Bereshit Menahem Ben-Yashar 2011 46.0
The Controversy over Saadiah Gaon's Interpretation of Gen. 2:6 Dr. Yair Haas 2010 20.1
Death: Punishment or Affirmative Action? Pinehas Haliva 2009 60.4
The Lord and Regret Dr. Yair Barkai 2008 31.9
The Poetry of Creation Tzvi Shimon 2007 28.1
In the Garden of Eden Prof. Daniel Sperber 2006 18.4
Lasting Lessons from the First Family Prof. Moshe Kaveh 2005 52.4
"But to Cain and his offering He paid no heed" Prof. Dov Landau 2004 28.9
The Missing Samekh Prof. Ido Kanter 2003 7.3
Greetings from the President of the University Prof. Moshe Kaveh 2002 3.6
One Day or Sunday? The Names of the Days Yossi Peretz 2002 21.8
Greetings from the President of the University Prof. Moshe Kaveh 2001 3.5
Faith and Science in the Third Millennium Prof. Moshe Kaveh 2001 20.2
On Language - Ancient and Modern Views Dr. Lubah Charlap 2000 16.5
"And God made the two great luminaries..." Prof. Moshe Kaveh 1999 22.1
The Image of G-d in the Stories of Creation Gabby Barzilai 1999 10.7
"Torah and Science" Prof. Moshe Kaveh 1997 17.3
"The earth was chaos, ... and the spirit of God hovered ..." Prof. Moshe Kaveh 1998 7.3
Genesis-- The Ways of the Evil Inclination Prof. Eleazar Touitou 1997 7.3
Creation and Modern Science Prof. Nathan Aviezer 1997 5.1
A Divinely Given Torah -- In Our Day and Age Aharon Arend 1997 10.3
Introduction to this page
Zeev Schwartz 1996 3.8k
Beginning of the Universe
Prof. Moshe Kaveh 1996 15.5k
Rabbi Yitzhak Says
Bo'az Spiegel 1996 9.7k

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