The Unsung Hero of the Hasmonean Revolt Haggi Ben-Artzi 2013 37.3k
The Bilgah Watch Prof. Haim Genizi 2008 17.8k
The Scroll of Antiochus Rabbi Benjamin Zvieli 2005 24.9k
Hanukkah and the Number of Words in Parashat Mikketz Dr. Aaron Arend 2004 34.3k
"Only to See Them" Rabbi Aharon Katz 2002 17.8k
Hanukkah: On the Essence of Miracles Zvi Praver 2001 18.8k
The Blessing over the Hanukah Lights Professor Yosef Tabori 1998 16.6k
On Kindling the Hanukkah Menorah Professor Yosef Tabori 1997 12.6k
Kindling the Lights on Hanuka Professor Yosef Tabori 1996 12.7k

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