Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Parashat Naso

Sotah—on Marital Relations and Trust By Yael Zohar 2014 587.7
The Attitude towards the Nazir By Itamar Wahrhaftig 2013 67.5
Matan Torah Benjamin Salant 2011 49.1
Naso and Numbers Prof. Ido Kantor 2010 45.3
The Chieftains' Offerings Yosef Priel 2007 41.7
The Priestly Blessing Prof. Amos Frisch 2005 52.6
Ruth-A Womens' Story Dr. Yael Shemesh 2003 28.2
The Priestly Blessing and Social Harmony Aryeh (ha-Cohen) Arazi 2002 15.4
The Symbolic Value of the Written Word Ezra Shevat 2001 7.1
Repetition in the Bible Prof. Gary A. Rendsburg 2000 13.2
Why Do We Not Look at the Priests? Prof. Jacob Spiegel 2000 13.5
One Tabernacle, Three Dedications Rabbi Joshua Shapira 1999 13.6
Trial of the Sotah Dr. Avraham Elkayam 1998 13.2
Manoach and His Wife Yael Zohar 1997 10.3

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