Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Rosh Hashana

The Liturgy of the Jews of Cochin: Areshet Sefateinu Meir Rafeld 2015 603.1
The Keren and the Shofar Shalem Yahalom 2014 594.4
A Fresh Look at the Binding of Isaac Haggi Ben-Artzi 2013 34.3
The Individual and the Community on Rosh Ha-Shanah Rabbi Prof. Neriah Gutel 2011 43.0
Halakhic strictures observed during the Ten Days of Repentance Rabbi Oren Duvdevani 2010 42.3
What is a kosher shofar? Ari Zvi Zivotofsky 2009 54.3
Rosh Hashanah 5769 Rabbi Judah Zoldan 2008 50.3
Greetings from the President for the New Year 5768 Prof. Moshe Kaveh 2007 13.3
The Haftarah Readings of Shabbat (Te)shuvah Menahem Ben-Yashar 2007 70.3
Nuts on Rosh Hashanah Attny. Mordechai Manowitz 2006 36.4
Of Squashes, Shofars, and Symbols Dr. Aaron Arend 2005 54.6
Rosh Ha-Shana Greetings from the President of Bar Ilan University Prof. Moshe Kaveh 2003 3.1
Dual Idea of Rosh Ha-Shana Prof. Moshe Kaveh 2003 19.4
The Days of Awe - Renewal and Reassessment Dr. Miriam Faust 2003 9.9
A Prayer for Rising above the Routine Dr. Gabriel H. Cohn 2000 10.1
Good Signs for the New Year Hadas Abarbanel-Gerber 2000 9.3
A Straight or a Twisted Shofar? Prof. A. Harel Fisch 1999 9.4
On Repentance and Predestination Dr. Avraham Alkayam 1997 12.2

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