Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the Faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Parashat Shemoth

On Compassion: Maimonides vs. Shada Hannah Kasher 2015 591.3k
Zippora Building an Identity Edna Hilvitz 2014 592.3k
Exodus: the Book of Mount Sinai Menahem Ben-Yashar 2013 54.7k
"You shall free My people, the Israelites, from Egypt" Nathan Aviezer 2013 40.4k
Ehyeh Asher-Ehyeh Alexander Klein 2012 45.5k
Silence is Golden Yonah Bar-Maoz 2011 36.8k
The Path to a Nation Prof. Moshe Kaveh 2010 49.8k
Israel is My First-Born Son Yehudah Ha-Tzvi 2009 33.5k
How Moses embarked on his mission Dr. David Elgavish 2007 52.2k
Shoeless in the Sanctuary Dr. Yoel Shiloh 2007 47.1k
One May Not Speak Ill of Israel Prof. Moshe Zippor 2006 37.9k
The Merits of Righteous Women Edna Hillowitz 2005 35.4k
The Benei Yisrael Community of India Dr. Yaakov Geller 2004 21.3k
An Hour of Favor Devorah Gantz 2002 11.9k
Barefoot in the Synagogue Prof. Eliezer Bashan 2002 11.8k
Let My People Go - About the Ethiopian Jews Dr. Yaakov Geller 2001 21.1k
Heroism, Lies and Saving Life: The Hebrew Midwives in Egypt Dr. Yael Shemesh 2000 11.4k
What's in a Name? --"And These are the Names" Prof. Elazar Tuito 1999 11.7k
On Leaders and Shepherds Michael Avi’oz 1998 7.8k
And You Shall Exploit Egypt Dr. Daniel Statman 1997 7.2k
The Commandment of Reading the Torah in Public Rabbi Shlomoh Sheffer 1997 12.2k

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