What we should learn from Ecclesiastes Daniel Shmueli 2015 593.9
"The Sages wished to hide the book of Ecclesiastes" By Gil`ad Sasson 2014 591.8
Sukkot as the Festival Concluding Two Cycles of Holidays By Shimon Eliezer (Schubert) Spero 2014 34.8
Rashi's Bold Commentary on the First and Last Verses of the Torah Michael Zvi Nehorai 2012 46.0
What is the Rejoicing of Sukkot? Prof Moshe Arend Z"L 2010 30.3
Rejoicing on Simhat Torah Dr. Aharon Arend 2009 69.4
Why Do We Sit in Sukkot? Menahem ben-Yashar 2008 55.8
New Year’s Greetings to the Weekly Torah Studies Prof. Moshe Kaveh 2006 14.1
"Your laws are songs for me" (Ps. 119:54) Dr. Ronen Ahituv 2006 33.7
New Year's Greetings from the President - 5765 Prof. Moshe Kaveh 2004 12.5
"Nothing but Joy" Rabbi Ophir Cohen 2004 26.3
Simhat Torah - Why the Jews? Prof. Hannah Kasher 2003 14.3
Etrog Under the Microscope Prof. Daniel Sperber 2002 10.6
Sukkot and Simhat Torah:
For the Peace and Well-Being of the Nations of the World
Rabbi Dr. Aaron She'ar Yashuv 2001 12.4
Hoshanah Rabbah as a Day of Judgment Prof. Yosef Tavori 2000 10.5
"On Sukkot the World is Judged for Water" Attn. Yehudah Leibowitz 1999 14.9
A Study of the Midrashic Sources on the Death of Moses Dr. Rella Kushelevsky 1999 17.1
The "Hoshannot" and Their Place in the Liturgy Menasheh Elyashiv 1999 9.3

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