Lectures on the Torah Reading

by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Parashat Vayikra

The Nature of G-d Speaking to Man By Yair Barkai 2015 593.9
Making the Most of One's Shortcomings: From the teachings of Rabbi Mordechai Robbio By Hezi Cohen 2014 584.70
When Leaders Sin Yehudah Friedlander 2013 41.4
Meal Offerings and Passover Eve Amichai Cohen 2012 41.9
"The Blame Falls Upon the People" Rabbi Prof. Neriah Gutel 2011 41.4
The Laws of Sacrifice in Leviticus Menahem ben-Yashar 2010 64.1
Summing Up the Four Parshiot Dr. Meir Ben-Yitzhak 2009 30.1
The Parable of the Blind and the Lame Dr. Rachel Reich 2008 38.3
Noblesse Oblige and Humility Rabbi Dr. Neriah Gutel 2007 50.5
For the Birds Dr. Zohar Amar 2006 67.9
Esther and Realpolitik Prof. Haim Genizi 2005 44.7
Nasi - Prime Minister or President? Rabbi Judah Zoldan 2004 31.2
The Downside of Purim Prof. Joseph Fleischman 2003 16.1
Study and Sacrifices Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Woolf 2002 15.8
And... restore that which he got through robbery Dr. Avraham Gottlieb 2001 9.5
Jewish Philosophy on the Rationale behind Sacrifice Ze'ev Schweidel 2001 9.3
"In the fortress Shushan lived a Jew" Prof. Moshe Bar-Asher 2000 12.2
Sinning Unwittingly (Bishgaga) Joseph Agur 1999 11.4
"When a Person Presents an Offering of Meal" Rabbi Yehezkel Lichtenstein 1998 8.1
O My Lord, Your Dwelling Places Are Lovely Prof. Ephraim Chazan 1997 5.7
The Malbim : Leadership and Challenge, as Reflected in his Introduction to Vayikra and His Torah Commentary "Hatorah Vehamitzvah" Dr. Ya'akov Geller 1997 13.6

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