Mozart in Context:

Special issue of Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online

Vol. 5 – 2006, issue II


Letter from  the Editor

Neal Zaslaw

Bearding Ritter von Köchel in his lair

David Buch

The House Composers of the Theater auf der Wieden in the Time of Mozart (1789-1791)

Bathia Churgin

Beethoven and Mozart's Requiem; Addenda

Isabelle Emerson

Migrating Mozart, or Life as a Substitute Aria in the Eighteenth Century

Kathryn Libin

Public Works, Private Spaces:  Mozart Opera in the Lobkowitz Theatres in Bohemia

Mary-Sue Morrow

Symphonies and Sitcoms: Rethinking Genre History with Mozart in Mind

Benjamin Perl

Mozartian Touches in Michael Haydn’s Dramatic Works

Adena Portowitz

J.C. Bach-Mozart Connections

Peter Sühring

Gustav Jacobsthal's Mozart Reception

Eliyahu Greenzweig

A Survey of Keys in Symphonies and Slow Movements in the Viennese Symphony


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