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Vol. 5 - 2006, issue I


Letter from the Editor


Michael Bar-Shany

The Roman Holiday of Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel

Avior Byron

Demystifying Schoenberg's Conducting 

Video: Silent, black and white footage of Schönberg conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic in a rehearsal of  Verklärte Nacht, Op. 4 in March 1935; Audio ex. 1: Schoenberg conducting Pierrot lunaire, Eine blasse Wäscherin, Los Angeles,  CA, 24 September 1940; Audio ex. 2 and Audio ex. 3: Schoenberg conducting Verklärte Nacht Op. 4, Berlin, 1928.

Nelly Kravitz

S. Prokofiev and E. Senkar: The First Performance of the Russian Overture op. 72 in Israel in 1938

David Kushner

John Powell: His Racial and Cultural Ideologies 

The opening of the first movement of the Symphony in A Major "Virginia Symphony" (Allegro non troppo ma con brio). QuickTime-format, WindowsMedia-format

Eliezer Rapoport

On the Origins of Schoenbergs Sprechgesang in Pierrot Lunaire

Esti Sheinberg

Schweig und tanze: Elektra by Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Richard Strauss

Naftali Wagner

& Yael Reshef


Conversion through composition: The Transformation of Bialik's Prosody from Ashkenazi to the Sephardi Stress Patterns in Nursery Rhymes Set to Music. (English Abstract)  

Book Review


Marina Ritzarev

Rachmaninoff and the Symphony by David Butler Cannata

Judith Cohen

"The Lachmann Project": An Unsung Chapter in Comparative Musicology, by Ruth Katz.

Ury Eppstein

Mark Kopytman - Voices of Memories: Essays and Dialogues, ed. Yulia Kreinin


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