Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online

Vol. 6 – 2007-2008


Celebrating Israel's 60th Anniversary

Adena Portowitz Letter from the Editor

Judith Carmon &

Rivka Elkoshi

The Effect of Learning Notation by Means of an Innovative System on
Children’s Musical Perception and Symbolic Behavior (
, English Abstract)


Keren Ezrati

Lev Kogan (Hebrew, English Abstract and worklist)  


Jehoash Hirshberg

Archives have a Life of their Own - New Discoveries in Ben-Haim’s Legacy

Atara Isaacson

Cantabile in the First Movement of Schumann's Piano Concerto, Opus 54

(Hebrew, English Abstract)


David Z. Kushner

Reflections on the State Songs of Florida | Postscript

Eitan Ornoy In Search of Ideologies and Ruling Conventions among Early Music Performers

Marina Ritzarev

 “A Singing Peasant”: An Historical Look at National Identity in Russian Music


Ruben Seroussi

Congratulating Pascal Dusapin - Recipient of the 2007 Dan David Prize for Contemporary Musical Composition


Ronit Seter

Verdina Shlonsky, “The First Lady of Israeli Music”


Essica Marks (review)

Popular Music and National Culture in Israel, by Motti Regev and Edwin Seroussi. Berkeley, Los-Angeles, London: University of California Press, 2004.

Gabriel Motzkin (review)

Tuning the Mind: Connecting Aesthetic Theory to Cognitive Science, by Ruth Katz and Ruth HaCohen.  New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction, 2002.


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