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Vol. 8 - 2010 issue I, II



Information on Contributors

Vol. 8 - 2010/I:  Advancing Children through the Arts

Letter from the Editor 


Bruno Nettl

Music Education and Ethnomusicology: A (usually) Harmonious Relationship



Shari Tishman

and Barbara Palley

Why Teach the Arts: Views from the Field



Jeanne Bamberger

Noting Time



Stephen Horenstein

Promoting Values through the Arts



Eva Brand

and Ora Bar-Gil

Improving Interpersonal Communication through Music



Yehudit Carmon

and Rivka Elkoshi

The Effect of Learning Notation by Means of an Innovative System on Childrenís Musical Perception and Symbolic Behavior



Sarit Tauber

Dalcroze Eurhythmics in Eretz-Israel  Kindergartens:  A National Music Education Program (1920-1948) - (hebrew)



Adena Portowitz, Osnat Lichtenstein, Ludmila

Egorov and Eva Brand

Underlying Mechanisms Linking Music Education and Cognitive Modifiability (hebrew)


Frederique Chabaud

and Eliya Fishman

International Yehudi Menuhin Foundationís MUS-E Program for Children Reaches Israel


Vol. 8 - 2010/II:  Honoring Prof. Bathia Churgin in Her 80th year


Floyd Grave

Mozartís Problematic Rondos


Tilden Russell

Theory and Practice in Taubert: Four Readings



David Z.  Kushner

Ernest Bloch: The Cleveland Years (1920-1925)


R e v i e w s


Bella Brover-Lubovsky

Eighteenth-Century Russian Music, by Marina Ritzarev


Jehoash Hirshberg

On the Way to Jerusalem by Miriam Meltzer


Marina Rizarev

Chamber Music, by Leo Zeitlin


Vol. 8 - 2010 issue I, II