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Vol. 9 - 2011



Guest Editors: Dr. Uri Golomb and Dr. Ron Atar

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Vol. 9 - 2011:  Exploring Israeli Music – Past and Present

Letter from the Editor 


Amit Klein

Musical Supplication in the  Golden Age of Ashkenazi Cantorial Art


Yoel Greenberg

Drawn Up out of a Mute Wellspring: The Revival of Paul Ben-Haim’s Early String Quintet (1919)


Sara Zamir

Gideon Lewensohn’s ViolAlive: The Composer as Stage Director –

Recontextualization of the Concerto as a Gestural Genre


Kees van Hage

A Crazy Desire for Unity - Tsippi Fleischer’s Fifth Symphony “Israeli-Jewish Collage”




Boyd Pomeroy

Prolongation of Seventh Chords in Tonal Music, by Yosef Goldenberg (Lewiston, NY: Mellen Press, 2008)


Daniel N. Leeson

Seeing Mahler: Music and the Language of Antisemitism in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna by K. M. Knittel (Burlington, VT: Ashland Publishing, 2010)


Ronit Seter

Paul Ben-Haim: His Life and Works by Jehoash Hirshberg (Tel Aviv: Israel Music Institute, 2010)

Jehoash Hirshberg

A Response to Ronit's Seter's Review of my monograph Paul Ben-Haim: His Life and Work, September 2012

Vol. 9 - 2011