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Vol. 10 - 2012



Guest Editors: Dr. Claudia Gluschankof & Beatriz Ilari

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Vol. 10 - 2012:  Music Education

Letter from the Editors 



Susan Young

MyPlace, MyMusic: An International Study of Musical Experiences in the Home among Seven-year-olds



Elizabeth Achieng’ Andang’o

Elizabeth Achieng’ Andang’o – Musical Contexts as Bridge-builders in Early Childhood Music Education in Kenya



Amanda Niland

Exploring the Lives of Songs in the Context of Young Children’s Musical Cultures


Lauren Kooistra

Piano Exploration for Young Children in an Informal Educational Setting



Donna Brink Fox & Liu Liu

Building Musical Bridges: Early Childhood Learning and Musical Play



Veronika Cohen & Michal Hefer

What Are We Going to Plant in the Musical Garden of the Early Years?


Vol. 10 - 2012