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Vol. 17, 2020







Letter from the Editors



YITZHAK S. RECANATI “Azkir Tehilot Hashem” – The Holy Songs of Thessaloniki’s Emigrants in Tel Aviv (Hebrew, with an English abstract)
EMMANUEL AĎM The Weaker the Accent, the Longer the Motif: Gradation in Oranese (West Algerian) Cantillation
ADENA PORTOWITZ An Interview with Prof. Bathia Churgin in Honor of Beethoven’s 250th Birthday
ROGER KAMIEN Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas in the Context of his Other Works
ARKADY KLIMOVITSKY Beethoven and Russia
ALEXANDER ROSENBLATT Red Insight: Socio-Tonal Battles of Dmitri Shostakovich
MARINA RITZAREV Rothschild’s Violin and a Russian Tune
HARAI GOLOMB Music as Theme and as Structural Model in Chekhov’s Three Sisters
MARINA RITZAREV Interview with Harai Golomb on his Book on the Poetics of Chekhov’s Plays
KAREL VOLNIANSKY If I Forget Thee: The Sonorities of Jerusalem Soundscapes
NATALIE ROTENBERG Street Music in Jerusalem: Global Trends and Local Flavor


YOSEF GOLDENBERG The Sonatas of Henry Purcell: Rhetoric and Reversal, by Alon Schab. University of Rochester Press, 2018
Cristina González Rojo Liszt’s Representation of Instrumental Sounds on the Piano: Colors in Black and White, by Hyun Joo Kim. Rochester: University of Rochester Press, 2019
Vol. 17, 2020