Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online  

Vol. 7 - 2008-2009 issue II



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James Loeffler and

Joel Rubin, guest editors

Introduction: Hearing Israel: Music, Culture and History at 60



Motti Regev and

Edwin Seroussi

Remembering Galit Saada-Ophir, z”l



Edwin Seroussi

Israeli Music and its Study: Processes and Experiences - (PPT Presentation)



Benjamin Brinner

Beyond Ethnic Tinge or Ethnic Fringe: The Emergence of New Israeli/Palestinian Musical Competences & Connections



Galeet Dardashti

“Sing us a Mawwal”: The Politics of Culture-Brokering Palestinian-Israelis in Israel



Jehoash Hirschberg

The Vision of the East and the Heritage of the West: A Comprehensive Model of Ideology and Practice in Israeli Art Music



David A. McDonald

Carrying Words Like Weapons: Hip-Hop and the Poetics of Palestinian Identities in Israel



Amit M. Schejter and

C. Michael Elavsky

“And the Children of Israel Sang this Song”: The Role of Israeli Law and Policy in the Advancement of Israeli Music



Francesco Spagnolo

Crossing the Sea of Song: Politics of Mediterranean Music between Israel and Italy



Yosef Goldenberg

Review of Pentatonicism from the Eighteenth Century to Debussy by Jeremy Day-O’Connell (Rochester: University of Rochester Press, 2007).



Morel Koren

dantimis@mac.com - In Memoriam



Menahem Weisenberg

Remembering Dr. Erez_Rapoport z”l (in hebrew & english)