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Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online is a refereed scholarly journal published on World-Wide Web and 

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It includes articles, reviews, and readers' comments on any of its items.

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Min-ad (Hebrew for gamut) is aimed at a diverse community of music scholars. A note on our logo

The Editor welcomes submissions in diverse areas of music research

 (among them historical, theoretical, analytical, ethnic, educational, and cognitive).

Submissions that concern Judaic, Hebrew, or Israeli themes are particularly welcome.

Please see Guidelines for Authors for additional  information on preparing and sending submissions.



  E d i t o r s:

Alexander Rosenblatt

Adena Portowitz

Marina Ritzarev

Zefat Academic College

Bar-Ilan University

Bar-Ilan University



 E d i t o r i a l


 B o a r d



Yulia Kreinin

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Claudia Gluschankof

Levinsky College

Yosef Goldenberg

Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Ethan Haimo

Bar-Ilan University

Edwin Seroussi

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Esti Sheinberg

Independent scholar


Uri Golomb

Tel-Aviv University

 W e b

Morel Koren

Bar-Ilan University

 Editorial Assistant

Mali Ohana  (English)    Hadar Perry (Hebrew)