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Israel Studies
in Musicology Online

Vol. 2 - 2002

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Hans Tischler
The Intriguing Forms of Trouvère Poems and Melodies
Jeanne Bamberger
On Making Distinctions Permeable: 
A View of Creativity as Learning
Marina Ritzarev (Rytsareva) 
Russian Music before Glinka:
A Look from the Beginning of the Third Millennium
Adena Portowitz
Mozart and Aristocratic Women Performers in Salzburg:
A Study of the Piano Concertos K. 242 and K. 246
Yulia Kreinin
Arnold Schoenberg and Max Reger: 
Some Parallels
Alona Keren-Sagee
Zvi Keren: 
His Contribution to Israel's Music Scene.
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is a refereed scholarly journal published on World-Wide Web 
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   It includes articles, reviews, and readers' comments on any of its items. 

The Editor welcomes submissions  in diverse areas of music research 
(among them historical, theoretical, analytical, ethnic, educational, and 
        cognitive). Submissions that concern Judaic, Hebrew, or Israeli themes 
are particularly welcome. 
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Editor: Adena Portowitz  (Bar-IlanUniversity) 
Editorial Board:  Judith Cohen (Tel-Aviv University), 
Don Harran (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), 
Edwin Seroussi (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
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