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The Guidonian "hand," with notes and syllables written in Hebrew characters, is found in a Hebrew translation and adaptation by Judah b. Isaac (Provence? 14th-15th c.) of an anonymous elementary Latin treatise on musica plana. See Israel Adler, Hebrew Writings Concerning Music, RISM BIX2 (Munich: G. Henle, 1975), pp. 80-88. See also idem, "Le traité anonyme du manuscrit Hébreu 1037 de la bibliothéque nationale de Paris," in Yuval: Studies of the Jewish Music Research Centre, ed. by Israel Adler in collaboration with Hanoch Avenary and Bathja Bayer, vol. 1 (1968), pp. 1-47.
The "hand" is reproduced herein with the kind permission of G. Henle, Munich.

Guidelines for Authors

1. Authors for articles to be considered for publication should submit their complete text (text, tables, figures, examples and short abstract) electronically via e-mail. Audio copies of musical examples are welcome. The address for submissions is:

  Dr. Alexander Rosenblatt, Editor
  Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online


2. A cover letter should contain the full title of the submission and all relevant contact information. Authors should avoid identifying themselves in the manuscript  (the text, notes, etc.) to allow for anonymous outside review of submissions.

3. All submissions should use the style of citation in conformance with the guidelines given in Chapter 15 of the Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed. First references to material should give a full bibliographic citation (including publisher); further references should be abbreviated to author and short style.

4. Authors are encouraged to keep the number of tables, figures and examples to a minimum, and to simplify as much as possible their graphic contents.

5. Authors of accepted articles will be asked to submit short bios.