Dr. Kathleen Abraham


Address: Moshe Schorr 5 Appt. # 6, Jerusalem 97232, Israel (home);
                Department of Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages,
                Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan 52900, Israel (office).

Telephone: (02)-5869905 (home); (03)-5318472 (office).

Fax: (03)-5351233

E-Mail: abrahk@mail.biu.ac.il

Birth: Luxemburg, 20/12/1963

Family: 1 child

Academic Background

  1. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium):
  2. B.A. Degree in Oriental Studies, Semitics (Magna Cum Laude) –


  3. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium):
  4. B.A. Degree in Hebrew Philology – 1983

  5. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium):
  6. M.A. Degree in Oriental Studies, Semitics (Magna Cum Laude) –

    Thesis: Divorce According to the Elephantine Marriage Contracts.

    Diachronic and Synchronic Study of Divorce Clauses in Ancient

    Semitic Sources.


  7. Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel):
  8. Post-Graduate Work in Semitic Philology – 1985-1986

  9. Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan (Israel):
  10. Post-Graduate Work in Assyriology – 1986-1987

  11. Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan (Israel):
  12. Ph.D. Degree in Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages (Magna Cum Laude) –

    Thesis: Studies in the Cuneiform Sources Related to Marriage and Matrimonial Property from the First Millennium B.C.E.


Academic Positions and Appointments

  1. Bar-Ilan University, S.N. Kramer Institute of Assyriology: Research Collaborator in a project on Sumerian lexicography – 1989-1994.
  2. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven: Research Collaborator in a project on Society and Economy of Babylonia in the First Millennium B.C.E. – 1993-1995.
  3. Ben-Gurion University in the Negev, Department of Hebrew Language: Post Doctoral Scholar – 1995-1997.
  4. Bar-Ilan University, Department of Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages and Department of History: Teaching Assistant – 1992-1997.
  5. Bar-Ilan University, Department of Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages: Lecturer - 1997-1999 (part time); 1999-2000 (full time, Alon Scholarship).

Academic Fields of Interest

Assyriology: Babylonian economy, law and society

Semitology: Comparative study of legal terminology


1. The Dowry Clause in Marriage Documents of the First Millennium B.C.E. In: D. Charpin and F. Joannčs (eds.), La circulation des biens, des personnes et des idées dans le Proche-Orient ancient, p. 311-320. Paris, 1992.

2. The End of Marduk-nāsir-apli’s Career as Businessman and Scribe: New Evidence from Unpublished Egibi Texts from the British Museum. In: K. Van Lerberghe and A. Schoors (eds.), Immigration and Emigration within the Ancient Near East, p. 1-9. Leuven, 1995.

3. TCL 13 193: Šušan and Bās. In: Nouvelles assyriologiques bričves utilitaires 1997 (nr. 53).

4. Šušan in the Egibi Texts from the Time of Marduk-nāsir-apli. In: Orientalia Lovaniensia Periodica 28 (1997): 55-87.

5. Problems of Geography in the Gilgamesh Epics: The Journey to the ‘Cedar Forest’. Co-author: J. Klein. In: F.M. Fales, G.B. Lanfranchi et al. (eds.), Landscapes. Territories, Frontiers and Horizons in the Ancient Near East, Roma, 2000. (in press).

6. Securities for Loans in the Middle Assyrian Period. (in press).

7. Two Sumerian Administrative Tablets from a Private Collection. Co-author: J. Klein. In: Festschrift Giovanni Pettinato. (in press).

8. A Contribution to Nautica Neo-Babyloniaca. Eretz-Israel 27 (=Festschrift Tadmor) (in preparation).

9. A Neo-Babylonian Case of Divorce (preliminary title). Co-author C. Wunsch (in preparation).

10. The Governors of Babylon in the Egibi Archive (preliminary title). Co-author C. Wunsch (in preparation).


Current Research Projects

1. Publication of unpublished texts from the Egibi family archive from the generation of Marduk-nasir-apli preserved in the British Museum. Study of the interdependence of private enterpreneurs and the public sector. Preliminary title of the book: Business and Politics in the Early Persian Period. New Evidence from the Egibi Archive.